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A suite of R packages for statistical analysis and visualization to enable faster, consistent evidence generation scaled across your organization.

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A collection of functions to simplify cohort selection using Flatiron-recommended methodology


Calculate endpoints, like OS and PFS, using Flatiron-recommended best practices

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These are available at no charge to partners with an active data license upon agreeing to the terms of service.

We have trainings available and are happy to meet with your team.

They are hosted on our organizational repository on github.com.

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Our R package mission

As the scale and complexity of real-world data grows rapidly, conducting real-world analyses reproducibly and efficiently can be challenging.

We believe the best way to enable reproducible research is to make our methodology transparent, standardized, and efficient to apply. Flatiron is excited to introduce a suite of R packages for statistical analysis and visualization designed to enable faster, consistent evidence generation scaled across your organization.

We’re making these available for anyone with an active data license to view, use, and—most significantly—contribute back to.

By bringing together a community to advance reproducible research with real-world data, we can accelerate scientific research and improve patient outcomes.

Build with our R packages

Conduct efficient and transparent real-world data analyses

Rather than needing to build each step of an analysis from scratch, researchers can now focus their time on the critical analytical decision points tailored to their research question.

Join a community focused on sound methodology & reproducible research

We’re hosting these packages on our Github page, allowing you to discuss methodology, request new features, or even contribute code for use by anyone with access.

R packages helped us to accelerate robust use of Flatiron data, as well as centralize code for derivation definitions, improving replicability. We’re excited to work with the team at Flatiron and the community of Flatiron data users to use and contribute to a shared code base and accelerate our real-world evidence efforts.

Associate Director, Personalised Healthcare Data Science, Life Science Partner

These R packages address some of the biggest challenges we have working with real-world data, and help standardize and streamline how we apply methodology. We’re excited to collaborate in this community with our peers across academia and industry.

Director, Academic Cancer Center
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